Feats of Alchemy (poetry collection), Alien Buddha Press, (October 22, 2021). Print.

Carbon Footprint (poetry collection), Alien Buddha Press, (September 18, 2020). Print.

Paperback: $10.44
Hardcover: $18.19
Paperback: $10.44
Hardcover: $17.44
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Upcoming Publications

“Queer Confession #8,” W.E.I.R.D., (2022). Web.

“Jōmon Sugi,” Kaiju Galaxy, (2022). Web.

“Another Wall is About to Fall,” Poetry City, (2022). Print/Web.

“Letter from a Self Deprecator,” Poetry City, (2022). Print/Web.

“Lithosphere,” Sonder Midwest, (2022). Print/Web.

Poetry Published (in order starting with most recent)

“A Child in Hiding” and “A Moment,” Alien Buddha Skips the Party, vol. 2, (2022). Print/Web.

“The [Un]salvaged Body, Biotic and Broken,” Awakened Voices: Curtain Call, vol. 14, (2022). Web.

“This Closet is a Chrysalis,” APB Celebrates Pride, Alien Buddha Press, (June 2022). Web.

“Feats of Alchemy” and “Reforged from Falling Stars,” GAS Poet Feature, (Spring 2022). Web.

“Serizawa” and “The Daikaiju Inside,” Kaiju Ramen, (Spring 2022). Print/Web.

“My Closet is a Reliquary,” Still Life, (February 2022). Print/Web.

“Queer Confessions #5,” Millennium Pulp Literary Magazine Vol. 2, (2022). Print/Web.

“My Therapist is a Bumper Sticker,” Alien Buddha Best of 2021 Anthology, Alien Buddha Press, (2021). Print.

“The [All] American Cauldron,” the book of black, Wingless Dreamer, (2021). Print.

“Serizawa,” Kaiju Galaxy, (2021). Web.

“Whispers in the Fog: A Tanka”, “Chicory”, “Storms Over Mackinac”, and “A Moment”, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, (September 2021). Web.

“Vintage Emo,” The Alien Buddha Goes Pop, (Sept. 2021). Print.

“Mabon Mists”, “Post-Industrial Entmoot”, “Tightrope”, “Aubade at Moonset”, and “Mordor Heights,” Lothlorien Poetry Journal, vol. 2, (Aug. 2021). Print.

“Cherenkov Light,” Octopi from the Sky Anthology, (July 2021). Print.

“Modern Day Sarcophagus” and “A Soluble Tablet,” Please See Me, (2021). Web.

“Cyborg Butterflies”, “Chemical Transfiguration”, “The White Flag is Willingly Taciturn,” Voices from the Fire, vol. 2, Dumpster Fire Press, (May 2021). Print.

“Cyborg Butterflies”, “Chemical Transfiguration”, “The White Flag is Willingly Taciturn,” Dumpster Fire Press, (April 2021). Print/Web.

“Queer Confessions #2,” Simple Things Anthology, (2021). Print.

“Mabon Mists”, “Post-Industrial Entmoot”, “Tightrope”, “Aubade at Moonset”, and “Mordor Heights,” Lothlorien Poetry Journal, (March 2021). Web.

“Introverts Wearing War Paint” and “Spillway,” Alien Buddha Skips the Party, Alien Buddha Press, (2021). Print.

“The Cinder Blocks Remember,” Still Life, (February 2021). Print/Web.

“The Pandemic Academic,” CultureCult, Lockdown Literature Ed, (2020). Print/Web.

“Carbon Footprint,” CultureCult, Lockdown Literature Ed, (2020). Print/Web.

“Quarry, ” Awakened Voices Legacy Anthology, (December 2020). Web.

“Alabaster,” Awakened Voices Legacy Anthology, (December 2020). Web.

“An American Crucifix”, “Fractured Terracotta”, “Rain Barrel”, “Salt and Sandpaper”, “Quarry”, “Convection”, and “Introverts Wearing War Paint,” Alien Buddha Zine 21, (2020). Print.

“Papier-mâchés,” Alien Buddha Wears a Black Bandana Anthology, (November 2020). Print.

“Snowflake,” Alien Buddha Wears a Black Bandana Anthology, (November 2020). Print.

“Subduction,” Poet’s Choice Global Warming Anthology, (October 2020). Print.

“Lay Lines,” Wicked Gay Ways, (Fall 2020). Web.

“Mary Sue,” Kaiju Galaxy, (August 2020). Web

“The World Still Spins,” Indolent Books, Covid-19 Edition (May 2020). Web.

“Convection,” Sonder Midwest, (Spring 2020). Print/Web.

“The Cartography of Healing,” Land and Territory Anthology, Lulu, (Fall 2019). Print/Web.

“Moonset, June 2007,” Land and Territory Anthology, Lulu, (Fall 2019). Print/Web.

“Coffee Steam Signals,” Flypaper Magazine, (Spring 2018). Web.

“Manifestations of Grey,” Flypaper Magazine, (Spring 2018). Web.

“Too Young for an Old Soul,” Flypaper Magazine, (Spring 2018). Web.

“An American Crucifix,” The Central Review, (Winter 2011). Print.

Journalism Publications

“Remedies, an LGBTQ Advice Column,” Diversity Rules Magazine, 2012-2014

Conference Presentations (in order starting with most recent)

“OER as Professional Development: Building Bridges Among Faculty, Staff, and Students,” MI OER Summit, Fall 2021.

“Textbook Fluidity: Adaptability of OER Texts in the Developmental Classroom,” MI OER Summit, Fall 2019.

“Learning About Teaching and Learning: Exploring New Faculty Development Models,” League for Innovation, Winter 2019

“OER at Delta,” MI OER Summit, Fall 2018.

“Transforming Scars: Storytelling Medicine in Two-Spirit Poetry,” Conference on College Composition and Communication, Spring 2016.