Photo by Emmarie Photos (Emily Reid)

YouTube is an excellent medium for sharing personal experiences and making connections with people who’ve also experienced similar situations. Through storytelling, we can help educate and overcome difficulty. The following are playlists featuring some of my YouTube series themed around bullying, depression, and current events.

Restitching the Tapestry

Together, my dear friend (fellow YouTuber) and I join forces to confront current events with educational commentary. Our goal through this series is to “Restitch the Tapestry” by drawing attention to communities drastically impacted by stereotypes, misconceptions, or misrepresentations.

Pandemic Reflections

A lot of people in the United States are quarantining or social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak. This playlist contains my documented experiences throughout this unsettling ordeal.

I Choose to Live – Suicide Awareness Playlist

This video series documents how I survived suicide, continue to struggle with suicidal ideation, and provides experiential advice on how to cope. (Note: this isn’t professional, certified advice.)

Gay Relationship Struggles

Gay Relationship Struggles is a series I have wanted to make for years. It discusses a variety of difficulties that plague gay men striving to find love. Many of the discussions that will take place in these videos will involve conversations about commitment, relationship-roles, and how stigmas in our culture continue to stifle our relationships.

Disempowering Depression

After years of battling depression, including the denial involved in accepting my condition, I decided to create a video series discussing different aspects of my battle.

The Mundane Life of a Single Gay

This podcast explores the quirks of being a gay man in the 21st century. This is my former series turned podcast, talks about current events, relationships, and a variety of other LGBTQ related things. I strive to do one of these live streams once a month.

Bullying: My Story of Survival

In this series of 8 videos, I share share my survival story after all the bullying I endured throughout childhood and into adulthood. It references experiences in middle school, high school, and even in college.

Conversations About Sexual Assault

This series of videos discusses my experiences as a male sexual assault survivor. My goal is to create awareness and educate people that this happens to men too.

Conversations About Toxic Masculinity (Gay POV)

This video series discusses masculinity, misogyny, and the difficulties being a gay man in a society polarized by masculine stereotypes.